3 Ways to Infuse Rustic Appeal in your Wedding Invites

Wedding invites are one of my favorite parts of a wedding. There’s just something so special about invitations that shows a glimpse of the couple’s personality and style. Whether it’s something clean and creative, fun and colorful or even a minimalistic retro-inspired design, the best wedding invites are always the ones that you do yourself. Personalized and genuine wedding invites are irresistibly exciting for your guests! So, if you’re looking for some tips to infuse rustic appeal in your wedding invites, then you’ve come to the right place. Keep scrolling!

Rustic flair brings the old-fashioned atmosphere back to life! It is one of the sought-after wedding themes that has tons of varieties from laid-back glams to posh designs. But one thing stays the same, the love for homely, unsophisticated fashion that everyone loves! That is why we’ve rounded up a few ways for you to infuse such rustic glamour into your wedding invites without breaking a sweat!

Choice of Canvass

By far the most popular way to add rustic appeal in your wedding invite is through the type of paper you’ll use. This is by far, the easiest and the most practical way to infuse high quality, rustic appeal in your wedding invites. Brown earthy tones or wood prints will help your guests feel welcome and wanted at your big event! You can even go minimalistic and just go with a black and white canvass for a chalkboard design. Or go extreme and choose a dark wood grain paper canvass.

Vintage Typography

Don’t stop at mere fonts and sizes, go the extra mile and explore the creative world of vintage typography. A seamless balance of functionality and creativity, vintage typography showcases old typefaces and word shapes incorporated in an ornate line of visual artistry.

Rustic Elements

Whether you’re going for hanging lanterns, deer horns, silhouettes or even the classic chalkboard design- rustic elements are every cracked up thing you can possibly imagine. Everything goes with this one, you can even draw the designs yourself if you’re good with the pencil. The only rule in rustic design is that it shouldn’t be overwhelming! Keep it simple and organically beautiful! The design should stay cozy and warm. Texture and patterns are an absolute prime so keeping it raw will seal the deal!

If you’re having that creative dilemma in designing your wedding invites, make your own wedding websites such as Basic Invite will help you stay true to your roots and make every detail exactly what you want – down to the little details.

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