Star Wars Rogue One: Army of Stormtroopers invade London ahead of film’s release

Stormtroopers marched through London to tag the release of Rogue One, the new Star Wars film in cinemas in Britain.

we remember the first moment we wanted to make a stormtrooper outfit: we were riding home after seeing A New Hope for the first time in theaters. The idea consumed me for several years, until shortly after high school, when we bought first one with a bit of money we saved from a summer job.

we’ve since joined the 501st Legion (a worldwide costuming group) and constructed several other trooper costumes: another (film-accurate) stormtrooper from The Empire Strikes Back, one from The Clone Wars animated show, a Phase One Clone Trooper from prequel film Attack of the Clones. For those costumes, we drew on copious stock images, video footage, and the expertise of other builders.

You can now see Rogue One on Blu-ray. Shore Troopers appear toward the end, during the film’s final battle on the planet Scarif, where they’re tasked with patrolling the shores around an Imperial facility. They look a little like the Scout Troopers from Return of the Jedi, but painted tan and decorated with an assortment of colors.

What we’ve found most rewarding about suiting up in costume before a crowd is how people react, especially when one’s armor is scuffed and battered. Stormtroopers are cannon fodder on-screen, but when you see a stormtrooper offscreen, suddenly they’re individuals. The experience invites fans to imagine that each trooper each has their own story to tell.

Forty admirers dressed as the iconic surface drive of the Galactic Empire and walked across the Millennium Bridge, through Canary Wharf and the London underground as passers-by took images.

The supporters also enjoyed an exclusive taking a look at of the film in London, where it was released in cinemas on 15 December.
Rogue You are the tenth film of the Star Wars franchise, but set in place chronologically before the pre-existing nine films.

While the Stormtrooper is typically portrayed as a malicious and merciless character in the movies, put to brutal use by Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader, commuters on the London underground appeared to usually enjoy their existence, taking photos and videos of them.

The film has received a blended reaction, reviewed favourably by Rotten Tomatoes, though also being slated as unimaginative by the brand new York Times and the brand new Yorker.
The Empire isn’t a pushover in Rogue One. This is our closest look yet at the Empire at the peak of its military might, and between your Death Superstar, swarms of Link fighters, and a familiar array of walkers, the rebels’ odds seem to be sufficiently long. However the Stormtroopers aren’t responsible for any big breaks that go the Emperor’s way. To include insult to almost unceasing accident, they’re even upstaged by the black-armored Fatality Troopers, a special-forces option to the Stormtroopers who act as guards for important workers. Unlike the Stormtroopers, the Fatality Troopers sometimes hit their goals. That unremarkable reliability qualifies as “special” only underscores how decidedly unspecial the Stormtroopers are; the Death Troopers fight like the entry-level troopers might if Legend Wars got Stormtroopers more very seriously.

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Rogue One portrays the rebels in a murkier moral light than the initial trilogy did; this time around, some of the good men have behaved badly. However the rebooted rebels have something in keeping with those we’re used to: If they harm, the Stormtroopers still never know what’s struck them. Rogue One could have been a comeback for the franchise’s favorite cannon fodder. Instead, it brings again the same iconic armor, and the same old complaints about the soldiers inside.

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